Here's where I take a stab at Christian Apologetics....

In this humble compilation, we try to explain things so the average atheist-on-the-street can grasp what it is that Christians essentially believe (notwithstanding, some atheists are more knowledgeable about it than most Christians); or, if you will, so the average person-in-the-pew can better explain it to to his atheist and agnostic friends (of which I hope he/she has many); or better yet, understand it him/herself. We steer away from many of the tired cliches, and we take a second look at what the Bible really says about some issues, what this Christian thing is about, and what it's not about.

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How a Slap on the Ground Saved Four Dimensional Space-time - An alternative approach to the creation story as we read it in Genesis, that enables us to see the universe as a four dimensional object - time, from beginning to end, being the fourth dimension. We also look at the Biblical concept of atonement, not so much about appeasing God's standard of right and wrong, but as correcting an imbalance caused by the wrong acts, absorbing the shockwaves that could damage the four dimensional object.

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Getting a Handle on Omnipotence - By observing God's relationship with His creation, and how He chose to go about creating the Universe, we can more easily answer such questions as, "How can an omnipotent and loving God allow suffering and unfairness to exist?" We begin to look at humanity (us) as beings designed to be close friends with God. However, we made a Mess of things (with a capital M), but God had a Fix sorted out (with a capital F).

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How the Omnipotent One Used Politically Incorrect Methods to Fix the Universe - More sticky questions on the morality of God. Why does the Bible seem to support slavery, gross inequality of women, and even genocide? We look at how we, the human race, were back then, and how, in order to bring change, God had to approach us on our level. God was and is intensely interested in us, His creation, and it's His desire to dwell among us. That's the theme of the whole Bible. It's the fact that He has managed to do so to an extent, that's brought changes over thousands of years in how we understand morality.

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The Ultimate Fix - Through His dwelling amongst humanity through the people of Israel, He did manifest His presence and power in some amazing and productive ways, but that wasn't the end of the line. The ultimate Fix (with a capital F) was Jesus. Again, we divert from the usual path of viewing God as an angry old man who demands death for every infraction, by viewing Atonement as completing a circuit, enabling God to bring correction to four dimensional space-time.

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Salvation, and it's Components - Simply put, "salvation" is the move from the Kingdom of Satan to the Kingdom of God. We look at how "the Fix" works in practical terms. We cover topics such as faith, repentance, the fear of the Lord … and the dreaded "H" word.
Why All the Blood? So much of Judaeo Christian belief and practice is about blood, substitution of life for life, atonement. Why such an obsession with blood? The answer may be closer than you think.
How Did Christianity Become the White Man's Religion? At the beginning, the gospel was for everyone, and the earliest apostles made sure that was clearly understood. Over the next few centuries, some changes took place. We look at how some "good ideas" have done more harm than good, and how we can begin to rectify it.