Reviews for Pepe

Glenda Bixler at Book Readers Heaven -- 5 stars

"While the author wrote this as scifi cyberpunk, which it is, I found myself reading it more as a Fairy Tale story. Readers may also get the feel of a story once told, because the background theme is ageless..."

Teresa at Fallen Angels Reviews -- 5 stars

"Pepe ... is a young adult action/suspense story… Mr. Charters has created a futuristic society very much like our own. ... This is the first book by Mr. Charters I have, read and it won't be the last!"

Ezekiel Carsella at Books N Tech -- 4 stars (didn't like the cover)

"Books this good usually don't show up on my radar... Excellent nerd sci fi totally deserving your money."

Paige Boggs at Effectively Paige -- 4 stars

"Pepe was an action packed ride that I enjoyed from start to finish. Mr. Charters has a way of creating a near future in exquisite detail, and I felt like that really made the story."

Author, in a shameless act of self promotion, reviews his own book

"So, as the author, am I really an authority on whether YOU'll like it? I'll only say this. I have about about eight novels, novellas, shorts -- whatever -- available on Amazon, and in my opinion, Pepe is my best one..."

Reviews for The Zondon

Anna Dye at Good Reads and Readers Favourites -- 5 stars

"This story is refreshing and completely new in concept and legend. The details of the worlds created in this story are unique and beautiful, with a great plot ... this is a masterpiece of history mixed with Sci-Fi."

Patricia Hamill at I Read Too Much

"...The Zondon is a good story that fans of contemporary science fiction will likely enjoy. There are some grammatical issues, but the interesting storyline and well-researched science (and well-developed fictional science) make it worth picking up..."

Reviews for Allegory

Chrystal DeLarm at Writings From a Dandelion

"The story of a young man who wakes up in another realm ... The story is about how letting Jesus direct our path, and including Him in our choices affects other people and can assist them in reaching Him in their own lives..."

Readers Comments at Amazon -- avarage of 41/2 stars out of 54 reviews:

...I was so involved that I could not put the book down. It is definetly a book you find yourself in...
...This story made me to pause my life and have a look at what we are doing at the moment...
...strange, but well written. It made me think about things I hadn't thought about in a long time...
...If you've read and like/love C. S. Lewis's book "The Great Divorce", you'll enjoy this book...
...Worst book ever. I hated the whole thing. Don't buy it unless you're a Jesus freak. Terrible. Awful book, really bad...