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To many, James is a difficult work to swallow. It’s the favourite source material of preachers of harsh sermons, who like to rebuke. It seems to fly in the face of everything Paul says about faith and salvation. But if we read it carefully, we find it's not about trying to make our actions match our faith, nor even about trying to control the tongue. It's about much more - FOCUS.
The idea of a God who created everything, is omnipotent, and is at the same time, good and loving, seems sounds like an impossible paradox to many. Why the obvious flaws, like human suffering? If the Bible tells us His story, what about things that look unmistakeably like divinely sanctioned genocide in the Old Testament? What is the overall plan? We go into into these and other questions they failed to answer in Sundayschool.

^^New quadrilogy - many instances of the same boy,  lost in parallel universes^^

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